July Fun

From a 10K beer run to a Truck Stop Rally, and the 10th Annual Stapleton Beer Festival, July is going to be a hoppin’ month!

  • Independent Beer Run Day is July 3rd, and we’re celebrating by running 10 Kilometers from Cheluna to visit our amigos at Spangalang Brewery in Five Points. We’ll enjoy Spangalang suds and live jazz there before ride sharing back to Cheluna afterwards. Anyone interested meet up at Cheluna July 3rd; we’ll depart on foot at 6:00PM!

  • We’re open from 11 a.m. until 8 p.m. July 4th and hope to see you! Truck Stop Rally will be on the Stanley property and you can read more about the party they bring right here.

  • July 5th is the first Friday of the month, and we’ll be releasing Carmelita’s Salted Caramel Vienna Lager, a delightful 7.6% ABV copper lager with a touch of salted caramel flavor, enhancing the malty Vienna lager profile.

  • July 20th will find us at the 10th Annual Stapleton Beer Festival, which you can read more about (and buy tickets to) right here. Food trucks, great beer, and live music make this fantastic event one we look forward to every summer!

Jennifer Perez