June Recap

We’ve had a busy and fun June — check it out!

  • We had a great time reppin’ Cheluna as we ran from Ft. Collins to Boulder as part of the inaugural Boulder Beer Chase relay running event! Many thanks to Clayton, Diego, Lauren and Paul for joining me and Javi; it was HOT and a lot of fun! Want to run with Cheluna? Every Tuesday we meet up at 5:45 p.m. and take a casual run on local trails, concluding with 1/2 price pints and food afterward!

  • On June 26 we brewed our GABF Pro Am beer entry with Carrie and Matt Eckert, winners of our inaugural Lucha de Chelas Homebrew competition! Look for this beer on tap mid-August; it’s a Sahti (a Finnish beer style) enhanced with dates, honey, and Egyptian spices, named Tenenet’s Nectar. According to Wikipedia, ‘Tenenet was the goddess of beer and beer brewing in ancient Egypt; women were tasked with break and beer making. The making of beer was based on specially made loaves of bread baked with barley and fermented in jars.’ We’re looking forward to enjoying Tenenet’s Nectar, and we will also be brewing our GABF Pro Am medal winning 2018 beer, made with Cheluna Homie brewer Chris Cardillo; look for La Bomba’s release closer to the 2019 GABF in late September/early October. We are proud to support local home brewers!

  • Burgundy Brewfest at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park was awesome! We happily served the line of patrons at our tent until we ran out of Low Rider and Chilango, and enjoyed the positive feedback.

Jennifer Perez