Jen and Javi Perez

Jen and Javi Perez

Welcome to Cheluna, the first Latin-owned and operated craft brewery in Colorado! Located in the Stanley Marketplace, Cheluna was created by Javi and Jen as a place of community inspired by Oaxaca, Mexico, the home of Javi's grandparents. 5280 Magazine named Cheluna their Top of the Town 2017 Editor's Choice for Best New Brewery!

We are pleased to offer the talents of local musicians, in addition to a running group and a home brewer group. Be sure to check our Events page or our Facebook page for more details. 

One of the best things about spending time at Cheluna is the ability to bring in food from any of the Stanley Marketplace restaurants or have delivered right to your table. We are very pleased to offer both pretzels and spicy Spanish peanuts – just like you’d be served in a Oaxacan bar – free of charge.

Early inspiration

About Javi and Jen

Prior to founding Cheluna, Jen and Javi spent several decades working in community service – Jen as a Peace Corps volunteer, public school teacher and counselor, and Javi as a Jesuit volunteer, public school teacher, and VA physician. Javi still works as an ER physician in the Denver VA and is proud to serve our veterans. They met over 30 years ago working together as New York City Outward Bound instructors. Cheluna was borne of their shared spirit of adventure, strong work ethic, and love of Mexican culture. 

What does Cheluna mean?

Image courtesy of Geoff Patterson

Image courtesy of Geoff Patterson

We wanted to convey the idea of our business, a Mexican-inspired brewery, with our name. 'Chela' is a slang word for beer, widely used throughout Mexico. 'Luna' is the Spanish word for moon, which is in our sun/moon logo. 'Cheluna' is a combination of both chela and luna. The logo connotes the idea of balance, which is an important element in all beers we create. In addition to connoting balance, the sun/moon logo we’ve chosen is commonly seen in art and decor throughout Mexico.

Prehispanic Mayans placed great importance upon astronomy and celestial events, and indeed created a calendar based on solar and lunar positions, along with architecturally significant pyramids of the sun and moon in ancient Teotihuacán, located in modern-day Mexico City. This may be why the sun/moon image is so ubiquitous today, both in Mexico and throughout the southwestern parts of the United States. Be sure to check our calendar, and follow our Instagram page so that you can take advantage of Cheluna monthly specials, which coincide with both new and full moons, and quarterly equinoxes! #chelunalove